How To Clean Water Filter | Easiest Steps To Clean Water Filters

It is very important to consume healthy water to live a healthy life and in today’s era, we are using water filters to keep the water clean, due to which we are able to consume quality and clean water but the quality of the water. It is very important to maintain or keep the water filters clean to keep them intact.

Basically in this blog, we are going to know how you can easily clean the water filter that too in just 8 simple steps.

You can easily clean your water filters by following these simple steps.

1 Turn off the water

First you will need to turn off the valve of your water filter from where the water is needed. Usually, it is running perpendicular to the pipe rather than parallel, but yours may be different. In addition, you may need to detach the water filter globe by rotating the second valve.

Some filters will need to be depressurized. You press a button at the top. Use a rag to catch spillover.

2 Take out the filter

In the second step, you have to remove the filter of your water purifier. There are many types of filters, most people’s water purifiers have paper filters that cannot be cleaned, and apart from this if your water purifier has a synthetic fiber pleated filter and carbon-based filter then you can clean them.

After opening the simple valve, you will get the filter in a round shape, which you have to simply exit, you can turn it to come out, or else if your purifier is not turning then you can pull the filter out.

3 Remove the plastic netting

In some filters you can see the plastic netting, more often you will see this especially in the carbon-based ones which have plastic water and they hold the hinge part of the filter You have to remove that trap. Use a box cutter to slice around the edge of the mesh at the top, just under the first ring. Do the same on the bottom. Also, going under the carbon, cut through the bottom of the paper. However, when you want to cut the mesh completely, leave a small strip of paper to make it easier to keep track of.

4 Place the filter down

The best way to clean any filter is to put it in an empty area and clean it with a strong spray of water. With a pleated filter, you can set it outside or on the sink and keep it as close as possible. Try to get that much junk out of it With the carbon filter, unroll the paper. Spray down both sides of the paper and the carbon underneath, making sure you don’t lose any parts.

5 Soak the filter

In the fifth step you will need to soak the filter in water. For a pleated filter, simply pour the water into it and stir it as much as you can and then put it back then add oxalic acid and let it get almost clear. Keep it for 20 minutes. To clean a carbon-based filter, mix one tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the paper, then soak the entire filter in the bleach solution for 5 to 10 minutes.

6 Rinse the pleated filter thoroughly

Once the pleated filter is clean then take it out to rinse the can neutralize it with two tablespoons of baking soda before dumping once you remove the acid from the housing, Then wash it also with clean water. Use the housing to submerge the filter vigorously in clean water for a few minutes before reinserting the filter and rinsing one more time.

7 Preparing before fitting the filter

To fit the pleated filter, you can add 1/2 an ounce of bleach to a small cup and fill the rest with water, this step helps some in the system. In killing the bacteria present. For the carbon filter, you can simply roll the paperback and use zip ties to hold it in place one each on the top and bottom and a couple in the middle helps some kill bacteria present in the system.

8 Put the filter back in the purifier

Now it’s time to put the filters in the end, for this simply you set the filter but make sure that they are well fitted, then fill it with water and let the air bubbles Use the pressure button to release.

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