How To Filter Water During An Emergency Without A Water Purifier

Many times when you go on your journey or go for some adventure, during that time you may have a water problem and you may have to drink dirty water which contains many harmful bacteria and viruses which are harmful to health. It is quite dangerous but if you want to drink clean water during that emergency period, then you will need to filter the water well, now because you will not have the facility of water purifier at that time, then we use a filter made of a plastic bottle. Will do to clear the water.

Basically in this article, we are going to know about this topic that how can you make a filter with the help of a plastic bottle, with the help of which you will be able to clean the water.


First of all, let us know which ingredients you will need for this.

  • plastic bottle
  • cutter
  • Soil
  • stone
  • sand
  • piece of cloth

Steps To Follow

1. First you have to cut off the bottom of the bottle.

2. Then pierce the lid of the bottle.

3. Tuck a piece of cloth inside the lid of the bottle.

4. After that we have put soil inside the bottle.

5. Then we have to put sand in the bottle.

6. After that we have to put some stones.

7. Put it over a glass and pour water.

8. You can see the water getting clean


Keep in mind that bacteria and viruses may still be present in this water, so to clean it too, you can boil the water, which may not be possible for you during that time, so you can do it again three or four times. By cleaning the bar, the bacteria and viruses will be reduced to a great extent, but you may get a slightly earthy taste.

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