Aquadyne Uv + Uf Water Purifier Contains Stainless Steel Chamber in Compact Cabinet For Wall Mounting, 1 – Piece, White



Price: ₹ 4,000.00 - ₹ 3,400.00
(as of May 26,2021 10:44:19 UTC – Details)

Aquadyne brings you best in class quality made in india, UV & UF Purifier having filtration capacity of 40+ Liters/hour . The UV lamp is contained in stainless steel chamber for best filtration. The purifier is environmental friendly as it doesn’t give out reject water. It is suitable for purification of drinking water from municipal water supply having TDS value upto 300/350 PPM. In this purifier you can actually see the UV lamp working from sideways. The purifier completely removes the chemical contamination like chlorine/chloramine/fluorides etc, particle contamination of sand/silt/rust/algae, biological contamination of virus, bacteria and micro-organisms etc. The purifier is very easy to install and as well as very easy to service without any technician help. The purifier is made from certified food grade PP Cartridges containing best in standard filtration media. The purifier is customised in compact cabinet for wall mounting.. It has Compact size (in cm) of 30 x 30 x13. The Net Weight of product around 1.960 Kg. Warranty – One year repair/replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. The product can also be returned for full refund within 10 days of the delivery in case of any product defects or damage or features not matching the description provided. For any Query feel free to contact on FILTERKART
Stainless Steel UV Light Chamber with UV lamp for optimum performance in removing all virus/bacteria contamination from feed water, Sideways transparent UV chamber to see the UV lamp glowing
UF Membrane removes all biological contamination from feed water, Sediment cartridge removes all kinds of particles impurities from feed water like sand/silt/rust/algae etc.
Fully filled activated Carbon cartridge to remove chemical contamination of chlorine/chloramine/fluorides from water, Doesn’t give out reject water
Compact design & can easily be installed by customer himself, Purifier very easy to service by the customer himself without any dependance on technician, Quickfit type cartridges, For any Query/questions feel free to contact us


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