BLAIR Epic Alkaline RO UV UF TDS 17 LTR Water Purifier (White)



Price: ₹ 19,990.00 - ₹ 5,196.00
(as of Mar 20,2021 05:47:56 UTC – Details)

After receiving Product Please call our Customer Care 9968529191 for installation. Installation charges Rs 450/- and after that every visit charge Rs300/-.This water purifier is designed to work on all type of water sources eg. Municipal, bore well, river, lake. High quality PH mineral filter is used to make water very healthy and tasteful. All parts used in machine are highly reliable and multi time tested. This water purifier is fitted with 100gpd high quality pump, sediment and carbon filters, Unique technology is used in Ultra violet system. Membrane used in machine is 75GPD with a flow rate of 12-15ltr per hour of pure water. Special designed SMPS Power supply. Blair filtration features are as follows 10 Spun pre filter removes visible dust rust and mud from water. Alkaline Mineral filter: As we all know that RO makes water acidic and mineral free. Alkaline Mineral Cartridge Antioxidant Alkaline Antibacterial Filter easily converts water into clean, mineral rich, alkaline by the excellent many layer filter system. Antioxidant alkaline antibacterial Filter for Post Treatment of Water Purifier Add Minerals, pH Enhancer, Reduce ORP, Decrease NMR, Remove Bacteria, adds essential minerals which are generally removed by the R. O. Plant during the purification process. Further, it increases the dissolved oxygen, pH and alkalinity of water. In present era, there has been a drastic change in eating habits and lifestyles of people. Now a days, the consumption of acidic foods such as cold drinks, fast food, tea and coffee has increased to a great extent. People are exposed to large amount of acidic waste due to environment pollution, present life style and also lack of physical exercise which ultimately leads to chronic diseases and various complications.

Activated carbon removes odor, chlorine, enhance taste and polishes water to shine.
Tds adjuster adjusts tds as required for human consumption.
UV chamber ultra violet rays deactivate bacteria, parasites and viruses and give us water free from water borne diseases without adding any chemical.
6 Months Warranty Service


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