Ef-Chlor 67 Mg Water Purification & Filtration Tablets Each Tablet Purifies 10 liters Water Helps Killing 99.99% Bacteria & Virus from the water 100 Tablets 3 Years Shelf Life



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Product Description

Chlorine Water Purification TabletsChlorine Water Purification Tablets

Why Should we drink purified Water….????

Purified Water is necessary to get, and clean water is the way to go if you want to stay healthy, thus, Ef-Chlor water purification tablets can always help. It helps to provide clean and safe drinking water. Drinking purified water is that it promotes healthy and hydrated skin

Widely used during disasters..

Water Purification Tablet, chlorine tablets for drinking water purificationWater Purification Tablet, chlorine tablets for drinking water purification

Appropriate Method to Purify Water..

If you want to purify water while on the go, then water purification tablets would be your best option. This method of water purification is commonly used by backpackers and other outdoor adventurers due to their ease of use. They are also widely used during disasters such as floods when the available water is unsafe for drinking.

Just like most of the water purification methods, Our tablets are typically chlorine tablets which helps to purify the water from the impurities..

In the villages it is most appropriate method to purify water, the stream water is deep in the wilderness could be having deadly contaminants. That is why you should bring water purification tablets with you when venturing outdoors..

When it comes to the safety and effectiveness of the water purification tablets, there are several things you need to consider. First, the safety of the tablets is a secure..

Water Purification Tablets are the effective ways of purifying water and when using the correct purification tablets, helps in ridding water of the compounds

Helps reduce time & Effort..

Yes..It has gotten benefits..!!

Water Purification Tablets have gotten many benefits which helps to reduce the time & effort of the user

l3iggest benefit is that you don’t need sophisticated equipment to make water safe for drinking
No Electricity needed
The tablets are small and light, and thus, portable. That’s why they are popular with outdoor adventurers
Water treatment tablets are also an excellent backup whenever equipment fails
It does not require longer time to purify the contaminated water
It is most popular & convenient method in the time of Disaster & Emergency..

Water purification tablets are simple and portable. Properly stored, many types of tablets remain effective for months or years. Unlike purification techniques involving boiling, filtration or ultraviolet radiation, water purification tablets require no special equipment, power or fuel. No need to stir the Ef-Chlor tablets after it is added into the water. The tablets dissolve in the water and becomes purified and safe to use after 30 minutes.

Works differently from traditional chlorine..

Water PurifierWater Purifier

Safe to handle, Store & Transport..

The tablets are commonly used by backpackers and other outdoors enthusiasts to replenish their drinking water supplies from freshwater sources such as streams. The tablets are also used by international travelers and in emergency situations such as floods or hurricanes, when the water supplies may be polluted or unsafe.

Our products will not color the water or leave an unpleasant taste. Our Tablets work very differently from traditional chlorine, and as such, it is very difficult to taste any chlorine in treated water. There is usually less of a chlorine taste in water treated with EF-Chlor Water Purification Tablets than there is in any municipal tap water.

Ef-Chlor Water Purification tablets are the most Easy to use. Just add one tablet in recommended volume of water as per the strength of the tablet, wait for 30 minutes, and the water is safe to drink or use for intended application. Ef-Chlor tablets are safe to handle, store & transport. Unlike other water purification treatments such as Iodine or Chlorine Dioxide, Ef-Chlor Tablets do not require gloves, protective eyewear, or any other protective gear to be used. Infact, you can safely dissolve a NaDCC Tablet right in the palm of your hand.

Chlorine TabletsChlorine Tablets

Better than common electric water purification systems..

Our products have been used in 67 countries for water purification. The World Health Organization, Red Cross and The Bureau of India Standards have recommended NaDCC for the purpose of water purification. NaDCC is used by almost all state-governments in India for water purification.

Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets are better than common electric water purification systems for these reasons :-

Water purification systems work on electricity, filtration membrane and/or ultraviolet light. The ability to kill germs via these systems is on running water and not on stored water.
Stored water has chances of becoming contaminated once again after filtration, due to Biofilms in the container vessel – therefore the use of Ef-Chlor is recommended for filtration at point of usage for utmost safety.
Over a period of time the ultra violet bulb loses its photon power like any another bulb. This will reduce the efficacy of the system.
These issues require periodic checks in the purification system, which seldom happens. Surveys show that once installed most people do not care for maintenance. This is a major reason people suffer from Sore throat and Diarrhea in spite of using such systems.

Fast process of Water Purification..

Disinfection Disinfectant Sanitation TabletsDisinfection Disinfectant Sanitation Tablets

We make accessing this clean water easy….

Water can be purified using chlorine tablets. As an off-the-shelf water purification product, chlorine is cheap and effective..

A notable advantage is that it is a fast process of water purification. In addition, it does not requires a heat source for the purification to work..

Our Water Purification tablets work differently to water filtration systems, it clearly purified the contaminated water and make it safe for drinking & use..

It’s obvious that drinking purified water is overall better for your health and well being. While using Ef-Chlor water purification tablets, we make accessing this clean water easy..

Water is the universal solvent. It dissolves just about everything given enough time. In India, the water comes in our home mostly from the Rivers..Lakes —just imagine what has been dissolved in that river & lakes. That is exactly why you should use Ef-Chlor water purification tablet to purify water which you do use..

★★ Our Purification formula has been used by several diaster relief agencies world wide. Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality and durability
★★ Ef-Chlor Water purification tablets are safer than iodine tablets and leave virtually no taste in your water. Works in 30 minutes in most water..are effervescent tablets which kill micro-organisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne disease
★★ 100% Non-Toxic. Utilizing similar technology as municipal water treatment systems, these easy-to-use chlorine dioxide tablets are effective against Bacteria, Viruses & Eliminated need of boiling water, It also purifies grounded, muddy & rain water..
★★ No after taste — improves the taste and odor of water..Neutralizer tablets improve water taste and clarity. It gets dissolved impurities in water and work excellently when paired with a good water filter


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