Ef-Chlor Overhead and Underground Water Tank Cleaning and Purification Tablet, Jar of 20 Tablets for 20000 Litres



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Product Description

Trustworthy and Reliable International Brand for Water Purification and Filtration Trustworthy and Reliable International Brand for Water Purification and Filtration

With aid of our industrious professionals we are providing Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Tablets to our buyers. It is available in white crystalline tablet form. Offered range is effectively processed by our experts with use of good material and advanced technology. This product finds application in sterilization, cleaning of water and Filtration purposes. This product is known to be quite effective in chemical and industrial applications and is made available in bulk.

Makes Water Sterile, Safe, Disinfected, Germs less and Pure quickly for Drinking and Hygiene Applications. Manufactured using Food and Pharma grade ingredients. No Negative Health effects. Ensures safety and prevents all communicable water-borne diseases and illnesses. Leaves no unpleasant taste, smell or odor in water

Since 1977, our products have been recommended by many Standard Organisation. Its residual disinfectant provides ongoing protection to water from re-contamination that cannot be provided by boiling, filtration, RO Systems, gadgets & equipment. Must be used in water that has been boiled or purified using filter, gadgets, RO Systems & equipment to provide ongoing protection against re-contamination. Does not need running water, candle, electricity, filtration membrane or ultraviolet light like other water purification systems. Just drop one tablet in water and use or consume the water as desired. Extremely cost effective, small, light weight, compact & easy to use. Safe to handle and store. No measuring required because it is in tablet format. No spillages or leaks.



Drinking Water Purification
Marine Application
House Hold
Municipal Water Supplies
Hospital & Laundry Dis-Infection
Over Head & Under Ground Water Purification
Adventure & Campaigning



Add 1 Tablet per 500 Liters of water in Overhead-Underground water storage tank ( Number of tablets needed according to the water storage capacity of the tank )
Increase number of tablets in case the contamination level of water is high
Dis-Infection & Purification of water takes 30 minutes
Repeat the process twice a week

Why should we choose Ef-Chlor...???Why should we choose Ef-Chlor...???

Why should we choose Ef-Chlor…???

Ef-Chlor is a practically pure solution of chlorine dioxide, one of the most powerful and safe disinfectants known. It is recommended by the World Health Organisation and used by 1900 public water systems around the world

Ef-Chlor water purification tablets are effective in purifying water against all micro-organisms, including bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, viruses, bio-film, protozoa and algae. Clean Oxide has a record of being effective against the known pathogens of viruses, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, E.Coli, Giardia cyst, cryptosporidium and legionella.

A major advantage of Ef- Chlor tablets over iodine tablets or other water tablets is that it is effective over a wide PH range, minimizing odor resulting from the growth of mold and other biological material in warm and wet conditions.

Our water purification tablets achieve consistently good results in the improvement of water quality.

About the Product....About the Product....

About the Product….

Ef – Chlor Water Purification Tablets for Overhead & Underground Tanks. 50 Tablets Pack. Each Tablet for 500 Liters Water. Stable in Water for 48 Hours. Active ingredient is used in 167 countries for water purification, approved by WHO as “fit for prolonged human consumption”.

Makes Water Sterile, Safe, Disinfected, Germ free & Pure quickly for Drinking and Hygiene Applications. Ensures safety & prevents all communicable water borne diseases & illnesses like Typhoid, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Cholera, Gastroenteritis etc. Leaves no unpleasant taste, smell/odor in water. It does not require boiling of water or use of filters, gadgets, RO Systems, gadgets & equipment. Saves energy, fuel.. No maintenance, replacement hassle & expense.

Chlorine Based Tablets..Chlorine Based Tablets..

Chlorine Based Tablets..

The most extensively used chemical ingredient in purifying pill is chlorine. Chlorine tablets are the swiftest pills to make the water decontaminated.However, one downside in the usage of chlorine is that the water that is treated with it will become inevitably contaminated again in the course of an elongated storage.

Chlorine tablets for drinking water can have a different taste and in order to eliminate the chlorine flavor, one has to permit the preserved drinking water to sit unprotected. This technique permits the chlorine to evaporate without problems.

★★ Our Purification formula has been used by several diaster relief agencies world wide. Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality and durability
★★ Ef-Chlor Water purification tablets are safer than iodine tablets and leave virtually no taste in your water. Works in 30 minutes in most water..are effervescent tablets which helps to purify & filted dirty muddy water, Boiling & Drinking the water is one plausible solution, using these tablets is a wonderful alternative as well
★★ 100% Non-Toxic. Utilizing similar technology as municipal water treatment systems, these easy-to-use chlorine dioxide tablets are effective against contaminated water & Eliminated need of boiling water, It also purifies grounded, muddy & rain water..
★★ No after taste — improves the taste and odor of water..Neutralizer tablets improve water taste and clarity. It gets dissolved impurities in water and work excellently when paired with a good water filter


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