Epic Ro Water Purifier



Price: ₹ 19,500.00 - ₹ 5,999.00
(as of Mar 19,2021 22:47:58 UTC – Details)

8-Stage Purification Technology.The Epic Ro Water Purifier features a eight-stage purification process that gives out pure and healthy drinking water. A sediment filter in the first stage removes the larger visible particles and sends the water to an activated charcoal filter that removes the rest of the microscopic sediments including chlorine and organic substances that cause foul taste and odor. This filtered water is then sent through the reverse osmosis unit that lowers the TDS levels of the water to safe drinkable limits. The next step is the Ultraviolet filtration unit which kills all the bacteria and viruses in the water. Finally, the water is sent through the Ultra filtration unit which removes all the dead microbes and cysts in the water. 90 Percent TDS Reduction RO+UV+UF Water Purifier can be used in hard water with a high total dissolved solid content and work efficiently to lower that to below drinking levels of TDS. Purification Capacity The purifier can give an output of 15 litres per hour. Storage Capacity: The storage tank of the purifier can hold 12 litres of water which is well under its output capacity of 15 litres per hour which makes sure that the storage tank is always full.A flotation sensor detects the water level in the storage tank and operates the filter accordingly to keep it full at all times and shuts off when full.Its body is made up of plastic ABS food grade material. Ro water purifier installation charges are payable Rs 400-800 extra. it will be different area to area (where the villages are far away form main city or town)FOR ANY MORE DETAILS YOU CAN CALL US ON 8800329477
Its storage is 12 litres and provides up to 15 litres purified water every hour.
Above 90% TDS reduction so that you will get purest water.
80 GPD Membrane, 100 GPD Pump, Standard UV Lamp, TDS Meter, Pre filter and accessories
For Installation call 8800329477 or will be extra)


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