KNL-NF60, TFC Dry 100 GPD NF Membrane, BARC Licensed, Flux Rate up to 22 ltrs/hr, Pore Size 0.0005 μ, Reduces tds Around 65%, Used for RO/NF (Reverse Osmosis) Water purifiers



Price: ₹ 2,500.00 - ₹ 1,400.00
(as of May 12,2021 10:35:04 UTC – Details)

Nano Filtration TFC dry nf membrane 100 gpd by BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre transferred technology). Its pore size is 0.0005 micron, reduces TDS around 65%, retains up to 40% minerals in water naturally. Initially around 15 ltrs pure water need to flush, the water becomes crystal clear and clean and then check the TDS of purified water. The result would be as per mentioned descriptions. The membrane is suitable for almost all kind of electric operated RO domestic water purifiers. For better result, use with 100 GPD booster pump and 450 CC FR. The membrane is suitable for moderate hard water having TDS between 300 ppm to 700 ppm. The water born microbes/germs/virus size remains between 0.027 micron to 5 micron those are eliminated with 100% surety and being flushed through rejected water. The membrane also eliminates harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, toxicity, bromide, fluoride, cyanide, arsenic etc and other impurities from water and flushes them through rejected water but UV & UF cannot. Life of this membrane is around 15000 liters or 15 months whichever is earlier. As per WHO, BIS and EPA recommendations the drinking water up to 300 ppm remains in excellent range for drinking. We intake up to 10% minerals from water which is very important and therefore always keep your drinking water mineral enriched else extremely soft water may cause bone problem, slow metabolism, weak immune system, early ageing, hair fall etc. Normally like DJB, BMC etc maintains pH level in drinking water between 7 to 8 pH, so no hard need to use ionizer/alkaline cartridge. The membrane lowers the pH value of purified water by maximum pH 0.5. Please do remember the TDS adjuster/controller technology may add impurities in your drinking water if exist in raw water. Therefore instead of using TDS adjuster always use KNL-NF20/NF40/NF60/NF80/RO membrane according to your raw water hardness.

The membrane eliminates all the impurities like fluoride, bromide, arsenic, germs, bacteria, virus, chlorine, cyanide etc. from drinking water and the impurities flushes through rejected water. The water taste varies with minerals contents and therefore user may experience heaviness while drinking with more TDS water
Service life up to 15000 liters or 15 months whichever is earlier (subject to use with good quality sediment & activated carbon block filter/inline cartridges 1000 IV), retains minerals in drinking water naturally up to 40%, flux rate around 25 ltrs/hr, water wastage is very less compare to RO membrane. Please don’t waste rejected water but use for other household needs.
As per WHO, BIS, EPA and other medical recommendations, the drinking water with minerals between 150 ppm to 300 ppm remain in excellent conditions with pH value pH 7.5 to pH 8. More than pH 8.5 not acceptable as per medical recommendations and acidic is too unhealthy causing many problems.
TDS adjuster or controller is nothing but a bypass system to flow the water through carbon filter and then mixed with membrane purifier water in a proportion to maintain TDS at desired level. But the bypass system allows impurities like arsenic, bromide, fluoride, cyanide and other impurities if exist in raw water. Therefore always use suitable membrane as per your raw water hardness that will give you more safe, healthy and mineral enriched water than TDS adjuster technology.


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