KRPLUS Pre-Filter Transparent Housing | 4 Pcs Spun Filter | 1/4″ Elbows Connector | 5 Mtr RO Pipe | Teflon Tape | Hanging Plate Suitable For All Types OF Water Purifier – 9 Pcs



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Material - 100% PP

Material - 100% PP

5 Micron Filter

5 Micron Filter

6 month filter life

6 month filter life

Suitable For 10" Pre Filter Housing

Suitable For 10" Pre Filter Housing

Material – 100% Polypropylene

These PP Filter Cartridges are made of Spun Polypropylene and prefect for use of filtering Heavy Sediment , Rust, Dirt , Particles and impurities from the water. Using non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene particles, through heating melting, spinning, traction, acceptance made of tubular filter if raw material polypropylene-based.

Sediment Filter,

Rust Filter.

5 Micron Filtration.

Heavy Duty Depth Filtration, Weight: 80 Grams/Pc.

2″ inches diameters,

10″ inches (24 cm) lengths.

Material – 100% Polypropylene

6 month filter life

By replacing your water filter every 6 months , depending on the quality of your water, you keep your water tasting great.

Suitable For 10″ Pre Filter Housing

Inserted inside a standard universal 10″ housing pod. (housings also available) Suitable for all types of water purifier, very popularly used as stage 1 filtration (or 2 if using a 5micron prior to it) Used to filter hard well water (on many occasions before a water softener or water treatment System) , or filtration protection prior to an Aquarium or water feature were sediment filtration is required. (Also used on some reverse osmosis systems

Efficient filtrationEfficient filtration

Efficient filtration

Polypropylene Melt Blown Spun

Quick and easy installation

Quick and easy installation into your R.O filtration system. You simply have to detach the old filter and attach the new one.

Melt-blown filter utilize depth gradients to remove sediment from water.
These filters are made by blowing high-velocity gas through molten polymer, which forms intricately layered fibers.
The inner core of melt-blown filters is denser than the outer core, so as water is processed through the filter walls, the filter is able to clarify increasingly finer particulate.

How It Works

Sediment filters work through a process called mechanical filtration.
Mechanical filtration physically blocks particulate matter from your water supply.
Sediment filters are often used as a pre-filter for other water filtration such as carbon filtration. By trapping larger particles, sediment filters extend the life of subsequent filters in the system

Easy To Install (DIY) no need of ro technician can be installed by yourself.

Dimensions 10 inches x 2 inches

Can be used in any pre filter that supports 10 inch pre filter

The pp spun filters reduce sediment, dirt, particulates, sand, and silt.

Weight – Approx. 80 Gram (Piece)

Elegant design with transparent cover and purified water level indicator
Material – Crystal Glass. Weight – 550 Gram (Approx.) Built in L plate , Easy to Hang on any Whall
Compatible with All RO/UV/UF Water purifiers
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