Lukzer Stone Faucet Filter Purifier(Random Colour)



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Product Description

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Material: Medical Stone + Magnetic Components + PVC + PS Plastic + PP Plastic

Color: Random

Size: 2.8 x 1.5 inch

Weight: 0.09KG(0.2 lb)

How to Use:

Install the Filter with Your Home Tap, Wait About Ten Second After Turning on the Water.

After Ten Seconds, the Water is Clean and Good to Use.

Warm Tips:

Prevent Install the Filter in Hot Water for a Long Time, Please Keep Water Temperature Below 122 ℉.

The Interface of This Filter is Round, Suitable for the Hole of a Round and Long Faucet.

Suggested the Filter Should be Replaced Once Two Months.

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Simplest Way to Purify Water

The faucet water purifier makes purifying water EASY! The non-toxic stone filter contains natural minerals that help the body, and it neutralizes the water to free it from rust, metal ions, organic matter, and other impurities. Just turn the faucet on, wait 10 seconds, and the water is ready to drink.


Quick, Easy & Affordable

If your water tastes of chlorine or you simply want to make sure you are only drinking pure water from your faucet, now you have a quick, easy, and affordable way to do so! The Medical Stone Faucet Filter is a small device that you can screw onto your faucet to instantly purify your water.

water filterwater filter

360 Degree Rotation-Easy and convenient to use and clean

The faucet sprayer is equipped with flexible hose, 360 degree rotating, make it easy to clean blind angle of the kitchen sink. Just put it on the faucet directly, It is easy to turn and bend to conveniently wash tableware and brush the sink, it can save about 50% water. Easy to install. Easy to wash fruits and vegetables in sink, save water.

faucet faucet

Help your Family stay Healthy

Protect your family by making sure the water they drink is free from impurities. Forget about expensive and cumbersome water filters, and simply screw on this small and convenient device for instant purification.

water purifierwater purifier

Medical Stone + Magnetic Components + PVC + PS Plastic + PP Plastic

Quick and easy to install, start using in seconds
Enjoy better-tasting purified water
Small device won’t get in the way
Water flow remains unaffected
Effortless way to remove impurities

Package included 1 piece of item
Kitchen faucet accessories type: medical stone water magnetization water strainer purifier filter


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