MANAN 1” or 32MM Disc Filter (Y-Shape Filter)



Price: ₹ 812.00 - ₹ 360.00
(as of Mar 23,2021 12:05:34 UTC – Details)

Premium Quality Drip Irrigation Water-Disc Filter Cleaner for Gardening Used in gardening agriculture green house swimming pools industries and so on Used to give the clean water Helps to maintain flow of water in pipes clean Prevents clogging of pipeline and tap and other bathroom fitting, increasing life of pipe and other bathroom and sanitary fitting Solid body build to resist any type of weather. Comes with 1-inch & 2-inch size bsp male tread MANUAL SCREEN & DISC FILTER IN AGRICULTURE IRRIGATION SYSTEM Made from virgin modified polypropylene (PP), the filter body is strong ,durable, and resistant to pressure and impact DISC FILTER For disc filter, a certain amount of round discs are overlapped and locked to form a cylindrical filter unit. There are slanted rills with certain sizes and depth distributed in both sides of each disc. When these two discs are tightly pressed, interlaced rills form the filter units. Thus, organic and inorganic impurities in water are blocked outside of filter unit, and clear water flows out after filtration.

Non Toxic, Non corrosive, UV stabilized & chemical resistant
Engineering plastics Easy to clean, easy to install, easy to assemble Large filtration area
Disc Filtration is ideal for dirty water supplies due to increased filtration area. Particularly effective for water with high organic content
Larger filtration area equals less frequent cleaning, which lowers overall maintenance costs


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