Zero B Suraksha Gravity Base disinfects Vegetables, Fruits & Hand Water Purifier (Pack of 1,White Colour,)



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Product Description

Zero B SurakshaZero B Suraksha

Zero B SurakshaZero B Suraksha

Suraksha karein aapki Raksha

ZeroB Suraksha is one of the effective solution against waterborne bacteria and harmful microorganisms. It’s primary use comprises washing vegetables, fruits and food packets. Due to its property of Iodinated water, it can be used for face or hand wash, bathing, oral care, and utensil wash.

water purifier, water filterwater purifier, water filter

Ion Exchange Zero B Non Electrical and Portable Suraksha Purifier

Dual Use- Wash & Clean

ZeroB Suraksha Tap is made of iodine based resin technology to provide clean and safe water for multi-usages. It purifies and gives up to 7500 liters of iodinated water which helps to kill bacteria and other microorganisms from the surface of an object or item to give complete protection. Use this water for washing of vegetables, fruits and other food items to secure 99.99% protection from unseen dangers. Additional usage includes oral care, face wash, hand wash, utensil wash to name a few.

Complete Suraksha

Disinfects Vegetables, fruits and hands

Safe for drinking . Iodine based , portable , easy to install . Non Electrical . Easy maintenance . Value for money .

Zero B Suraksha

An instant Iodinated water solution for disinfecting the germs from the surface of vegetables, etc.

Backed with poly-iodinated resin technology.

Ideal use for hand wash, oral care and utensils wash too.

Requires Zero Electricity & Zero Maintenance

Globally Acclaimed Iodine Based Resin Technology

water purifier, tap purifier , no electricity , zero b surakshawater purifier, tap purifier , no electricity , zero b suraksha

The technology that uses Iodine Resins to give you pure water!

Iodine based Patent Technology which provides 7500 litres water. The technology provides the purification through Iodine. For some people the drinking of this water can be a problem because of the Iodine smell but it could be best used in cleansing vegetables, fruits and hands without soap or any other product usage.

water purifierwater purifier

RESIN Technology

Resins are widely used in various separation, purification, and decontamination processes.

Water purification resin

Poly-iodinated resins – Poly-iodinated resins are used for the disinfection of water to eliminate disease-causing microbial contaminants.
Iron-specific resin – Iron-specific resin reduces iron ( less than 0.3 ppm ) to a safe level as per drinking water standards.

zero b, water purifier, water purifier for homezero b, water purifier, water purifier for home

The importance of Zero

Water in its purest form is nothing but H2O – with zero minerals (high levels of Calcium & Magnesium), zero chemicals (heavy metals, fluoride, & pesticides) and zero pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms), and zero TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).


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