Why is water important to humans?

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of drinking water
  • Affects of water
  • How water can kill you
  • How to drink water correctly
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Friends, Water is found everywhere, from mud moisture to ice caps. Even found in small cells of our body So what is the role of water in our lives, how much water should we drink for a healthy life Hello friends, welcome to this blog today, we will learn about such mysteries related to water, about which you do not know.

Benefits of drinking water

water means H2o. In our body, not only keeps the pillow shape But also provides smoothness, from controlling our body temperature to water Our brain and our spinal cord to Holds balance Water is not only in our blood but our heart and mind is 3/4 part filled with water this number is approximately equal to the moisture present in a banana. The amount of water in our lungs is equal to the amount of water in an apple Which means about 83% of the human bone also has 31% water, but we humans only have the necessary water.


Then why do we need to drink so much water?

During the day, a common person loses 2-3 liters of water in the form of sweat and the morning by emptying the stomach. this having simple activity is necessary for our life but at the same time, it is also important to meet the lack of water in our body.


How water affects our body

Having a balanced amount of water in our body prevents dehydration and overhydration. This means that both the more amount of water in our body and the excessive amount of water is harmful to our body. With the decreasing water level in the body, the energy power of our body gradually starts to decrease. At the same time, our skin’s moisture and blood pressure slowly start to decrease, in the end, our power of Focus and remembering is also decrease

How water can kill you

Overhydration is caused by excessive intake of water, anklets often become victims of overhydration. Because their body is not able to control water in extreme physical condition, due to which the sodium electrolytes in the body become thin. Due to which the cells of the body start to swell, our kidneys do not get a large amount of thin urine to grow in the dark cases.

In the intestine, we start getting intoxicated due to water, due to which the headache is reversed and in some cases, even death.

How to drink water correctly

It is not at all difficult to keep the amount of water right on a normal day We have been hearing this for a long time that a man should drink 8 glasses of water a day But nowadays it is said that the amount of water depends on the weight of the person and the environment around him.

A man should drink 2.5 to 4 liters of water per day and a woman should drink 2-3 liters of water This doubt can be changed or reduced, it all depends on how healthy you are or how old you? are or How hot do you live? Water is considered to be the largest hydrologic in the world, drinking the right amount of water benefits us for a long time.

It is believed that if you drink the right amount of water, then your chances of getting a heart attack and cancer are greatly reduced. Along with this, it also keeps diabetes stable, whatever the amount of water can give to your whole body. How do you feel what you think and what work do you do throughout the day?


So where there is a problem, it is also a solution, so now it depends on us that how we follow the rules of drinking water, along with drinking water, we also have to take care that the water is clean or not if the water is not clear So the water can be cleaned by domestic remedies but if the water is not clean enough then water purifiers made by scientific technology can be used.



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